Welcome to Motherhood University where our goal is to help you solve problems associated with the Mom job.


Our mission is two fold: to connect people with information needed to make informed choices and to empower Moms to feel inspired about their role in an often under-appreciated, non-paid yet ever-so-loved job called Motherhood.


We believe Motherhood is one part instinct, one part village and the rest is learned skills.  We hope to be part of your village and we can most definitely help with the skills you need to be the Mom you want to be. Read more on how to find your village.


Our Categories

Freshman Moms will include evidence based information and resources on: pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby and more. As a Mother of young children you have so many decisions to make but if you don’t know your choices, you don’t have any.



Want to save money? In Coupon College, you’ll not only learn the most effective tools for saving with coupons BUT we’ll share all sorts of tips and tricks to save your hard earned pennies. The only person I know more frugal than myself is my brother (don’t tell him, but I’ll share his tips too).



In Culinary Campus, you’ll find healthy recipes (well mostly, we must indulge on occasion) that are easy and affordable .  Also, kitchen time savers, tips & tricks and eye opening food truths. Everyone defines “healthy” differently – recipes are plant-based (but easily adaptable for omnivores), often gluten free and I have an unusual love affair with onion powder. Read why we eat healthy in Nothing Tastes Like 6 Years.



In our School of Home Management section you’ll find all things organizing, cleaning, and managing your household. I’m Monica from Friends meets Erma Bombeck – oops I was just dreaming! (and aging myself) But really with 4 kids I had to choose between organization and insanity – better to go with organization.



There is no right way to parent, in Parenting PhD we believe there are 3 main pieces of this parenting puzzle:

    1. understanding the cognitive development and psychology behind the behavior
    2. gaining skills and tools with which to effectively teach/discipline the child
    3. third in this triad is practicing these skills – but that is up to you Momma



Homeschooling 101 – Most people today understand the “why” so we’ll focus on the “how.” You don’t have to be a homeschool Mom to gather great ideas on how to make learning fun.



The Classroom includes information on live classes as well as our upcoming video on demand series and all the tutorials & how to’s. Pay attention, there may be a quiz.



Extra Credit is where you’ll find “everything else.” Check out this cute hair tutorial. Side Pony With a Twist. 

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