Father’s Day Traditions & Freebie

Holidays are about more than just gift giving. Instead of giving Dad yet another tie (insert cliche here), consider starting a Father’s Day Tradition. There are many things you can do to make this holiday unique to your family:

  • Family photo shoot (watch your family grow each year)
  • Carrot cake day, or YOUR Dad’s favorite dessert day
  • Dad’s camping weekend
  • Kid crafts for Dad
  • King for a day – complete with a crown, foot rub and the remote control
  • Or try this one…

Make an All About Dad Book.

  1. Start with a 3 ring binder.
  2. Add some section dividers and label with the year.
  3. Include some notebook paper and photo album refill pages in each years’ section.
  4. Next print the “My Dad” questionnaire below, one for each child and help them fill it out if needed.
  5. Be sure to take a picture of Dad and the kiddos.

Each year update the book. Throughout the year you can add drawings and letters from the kids as well as photos. Also, write to Dad – tell him when you recognize him being a great Dad, doing something “extra” around the house or being a parenting super hero.

It’s never too late to start a new tradition. What is your family’s Father’s Day tradition?

My Dad

~ Regina

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