How does brand loyalty affect my wallet?

Brand loyalty simply means remaining loyal to a single brand name product. Admit it, you have a favorite brand of cookies and you would never consider “cheating” on those tasty little sweets just because something cheaper came along.

Ask yourself what you’re more loyal to – your cookies or your bank account?

Understanding sale cycles, using coupons and stockpiling affords you the opportunity to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your grocery bill. I’m suggesting that you drop your brand loyalty to take advantage of the lowest prices on various products. Yes you may happen to like Bertolli  marinara sauce the best. However, if you can get on board with the idea that spaghetti sauce is all very similar then you can always get the sauce at the best price because from week to week a different brand name will be on sale.

Certainly you draw the line somewhere. My Husband for instance will only wipe with Scott toilet tissue! I don’t expect many people to rotate their deodorant. What products are you most loyal to? What products are you least loyal to?

~ Regina

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