Heart Hairdo {video}

Heart Hairdo motherhood-university.com

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Girls of all ages will love this cute do. Try it with braids, twists or even a double twist. You can wear it all up, half up or pig tails. Fun year round!


If you can’t see the video, watch it here: Heart Hairdo

Video Notes
  1. with hair half up, do a “topsy tail” to point the hair up
  2. divide the hair into 2 parts, right side and left side, twist, braid or double twist  each side
  3. bring together and secure with rubber band
  4. shape heart, you may need a hair pin

Ever see a hair style and wonder “how do they do that?” ask us in the comments below and we’ll make you a video!


~ Regina

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Side Pony With A Twist (Video)

This is a cute hair style that’s easy and appropriate for many ages.



If you can’t see the video, watch it here – Side Pony With a Twist

Video Notes

1. Brush out your hair.

2. Create a low side pony tail (usually the opposite side of your part).

3. Pull the hair tie down a couple inches and separate the hair above it into 2 parts (I use the end of a rat tail comb or pencil)

4. Flip the pony tail up and then down through the hole to create a “Topsy Tail” and pull it tight.

Now you’re ready for the twists.

1. Separate the hair into 2 equal parts.

2. Spray the hair with water or products to tame any fly aways.

3. Twist both sections of hair individually but in the same direction.

4. Now twist the 2 section around one another in the opposite direction (this will hold it together, if it’s not staying, try the other direction)

5. Secure the ends with a hair tie and add a cute barrette if you like.

Enjoy your cute “do” – Share with a friend!


~ Regina

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