Organizing Books to Encourage Reading {& clean up}


Organizing books to encourage reading and clean up motherhood university .com

BOOKS! Anyone else have a complete and utter love affair with books? We have just under 1000 in our home collection. So people often ask “where do you put all those?” We store book in many ways and there will be future posts all about books. But this is one way we organize our early readers.

Most of the time, books are placed on a shelf sideways with only the book spine showing. Research indicates that when a child can see the front cover, they are more inclined to want to see what’s inside and read the book.

So this is what we do.

The books are organized into baskets all facing front. The baskets have a colored sticker labeled with a number. Each book that belongs in that basket has the same colored sticker in the top right corner. The numbers indicate reading level. We start with one (the easiest) and continue numerically as we go. For us, one is very basic phonics readers – short vowels, long vowels then CVC and high frequency word. What’s more important is that no matter where a book ends up, everyone know it’s home. Even children that can not yet read can usually match colors. So even toddlers and preschoolers can clean up. 

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a close up

A child can take the basket appropriate to their reading level and flip through them finding what they want to read. This “book of the week” is our favorite way to create spelling lists. This book organizing method is a win for everyone!

Are you crazy for books too?


~ Regina

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