What’s a Stockpile

How do you currently shop for groceries? Here, I’ll make it a multiple choice question.

A. I don’t plan a thing. I shop whenever it happens to come up and I simple toss things into my cart. I usually end up with things I never use and I often have to explain the half eaten package of donuts to the cashier. What’s a coupon?

B. (gasping at “A”) I maintain a list of things we need. When we run out of an item I write it down. I shop for those things that need to be replaced and generally have the same ingredients on hand. Oh and a girlfriend gave me some coupons for some of the things I constantly buy.

C. (rolling eyes at both “A” & “B”) I menu plan! I decide each week what meals my family will eat. I create a list of necessary ingredients and shop for only those (no impulse buying).  Sometimes I use coupons, I can’t always find what I’m looking for.

ok Ladies…Place your hand on your forehead and erase erase erase! Forget about those methods and get ready to save thousands of dollars – by enrolling in Coupon College’s Grocery Store Couponing 101.

Stockpiling means: first only buy an item when it’s on sale, second match a coupon to each of those items (stack coupons when applicable), next buy as many items as you have coupons, and/or buy enough of that item to last until the next time it goes on sale (learn about sale cycles and brand loyalty).

  • I have never regretted buying a huge quantity of any item (I have not purchased shampoo/conditioner in over a year – I stockpiled when I could get Infusium for $.16 per bottle)
  • I often say “I should have gotten more of those” or “I really wish I had more coupons for that.”
  • By stockpiling I saved over $7000 last year at the grocery store!

You may be wondering…

  • Do they look at me funny at the store when I’m buying 60 boxes of Kashi…not any more
  • Where do you store 20 jars of marinara sauce, 60 cans of beans, and all that shampoo and Kashi? I have many creative storage ideas, you just have to experiment until you find what works best for your household. A great idea is – converting your linen closet into a second pantry.
  • How does stockpiling affect my menu planning? It is significantly easier to plan meals when you have a multitude of ingredients on hand. Use our menu planning pages and it couldn’t be easier.
  • Can you stockpile produce? Yes

So continue to learn about the various ways you can use coupons and the stockpiling method of shopping and YOU will save thousands of dollars too.


~ Regina

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