Tex Mex Rice Bowls

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If it’s Tex Mex or just in the neighborhood of taco flavored – I’m in! These rice bowl combine a lot of kid friendly family favorites.


taco flavored rice

lazy black beans


black olives

green onions

30 second salsa


nacho cheeze sauce

tortilla chips


There is no wrong way to build a rice bowl. This is the order I use to prepare the ingredients.

Cook the rice first because it takes the longest. I’m using brown rice – 1 part rice, 2 parts water, bring to a boil, reduce to low for 50 minutes keeping the lid on the entire time, once done add taco seasoning.

Next soak the raw cashews and take out all the ingredients for the nacho cheeze sauce. I just group them on the counter (in hopes of delegating this task).

Start the lazy black beans.

Chop the tomatoes, black olives and green onion. Make the guacamole.

Since I use the Vitamix to make both the 30 second salsa and the nacho cheeze sauce, I make the salsa first, containerize it and then the cheeze sauce (I generally pour it straight from the Vitamix -lazy). The cheese sauce is always made last so it’s hot.

Now that the rice is done, season it and start layering your rice bowl.

You can make this Nacho style be starting with a layer of chips on your plate too. I like the chips on the side – I use them like a fork! You may also like to include onions, lime or cilantro. Like I said, you can’t do it wrong. What’s your favorite ingredient for Tex Mex Rice Bowls?

~ Regina

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